Thursday, December 17, 2009

French Plum Tart

It is one of the most easy tarts I ever made. And extremely fast and easy to make, as all you need is 3 ingredients.

I used:
- french dough
- plums
- sugar

I washed the plums, cut them in four pieces and put them in a bowl with sugar to set.

I put the dough in a tart pan. On top I put small butter cubes and sugar. Into the oven, 180 Celsius degrees for a few minutes until it melts.

I took the tart out of the oven and arranged the plums in circles. Sprinkle lots of sugar on top. I put it back into the oven until it's done.

It's a very delicate tart, sweet in the beginning and then sour as we bite into the plums, and crunchy from the dough... For me it is a delicate, easy and delicious desert!

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  1. this looks fantastic! and it really does look quite easy - thanks for sharing!